class singer_sdk.SQLTap

A specialized Tap for extracting from SQL streams.

__init__(config: Optional[Union[dict, PurePath, str, List[Union[PurePath, str]]]] = None, catalog: Optional[Union[PurePath, str, dict]] = None, state: Optional[Union[PurePath, str, dict]] = None, parse_env_config: bool = False, validate_config: bool = True) None

Initialize the SQL tap.

The SQLTap initializer additionally creates a cache variable for _catalog_dict.

  • config – Tap configuration. Can be a dictionary, a single path to a configuration file, or a list of paths to multiple configuration files.

  • catalog – Tap catalog. Can be a dictionary or a path to the catalog file.

  • state – Tap state. Can be dictionary or a path to the state file.

  • parse_env_config – Whether to look for configuration values in environment variables.

  • validate_config – True to require validation of config settings.

property catalog_dict: dict

Get catalog dictionary.


The tap’s catalog as a dict

discover_streams() List[Stream]

Initialize all available streams and return them as a list.


List of discovered Stream objects.