class singer_sdk.typing.Property#

Generic Property. Should be nested within a PropertiesList.

__init__(name: str, wrapped: JSONTypeHelper[T] | type[JSONTypeHelper[T]], required: bool = False, default: T | None = None, description: str | None = None, secret: bool | None = False, allowed_values: list[T] | None = None, examples: list[T] | None = None) None#

Initialize Property object.

Note: Properties containing secrets should be specified with secret=True. Doing so will add the annotation writeOnly=True, in accordance with JSON Schema Draft 7 and later, and secret=True as an additional hint to readers.

More info:

  • name – Property name.

  • wrapped – JSON Schema type of the property.

  • required – Whether this is a required property.

  • default – Default value in the JSON Schema.

  • description – Long-text property description.

  • secret – True if this is a credential or other secret.

  • allowed_values – A list of allowed value options, if only specific values are permitted. This will define the type as an ‘enum’.

  • examples – Optional. A list of one or more sample values. These may be displayed to the user as hints of the expected format of inputs.

to_dict() dict#

Return a dict mapping the property name to its definition.


A JSON Schema dictionary describing the object.

property type_dict: dict#

Get type dictionary.


A dictionary describing the type.


ValueError – If the type dict is not valid.