Record Metadata

The SDK can automatically generate _sdc_ (“Singer Data Capture”) metadata properties when performing data loads in SDK-based targets.

If add_record_metadata is defined as a config option by the developer, and if the user sets add_record_metadata=True within their own configuration, the following columns will be automatically added to each record:

  • _sdc_extracted_at - Timestamp indicating when the record was extracted the record from the source.

  • _sdc_received_at - Timestamp indicating when the record was received by the target for loading.

  • _sdc_batched_at - Timestamp indicating when the record’s batch was initiated.

  • _sdc_deleted_at - Passed from a Singer tap if DELETE events are able to be tracked. In general, this is populated when the tap is synced LOG_BASED replication. If not sent from the tap, this field will be null.

  • _sdc_sequence - The epoch (milliseconds) that indicates the order in which the record was queued for loading.

  • _sdc_table_version - Indicates the version of the table. This column is used to determine when to issue TRUNCATE commands during loading, where applicable.