class singer_sdk.pagination.BaseHATEOASPaginator

Paginator class for APIs supporting HATEOAS links in their response bodies.

HATEOAS stands for “Hypermedia as the Engine of Application State”. See

This paginator expects responses to have a key “next” with a value like “”.

__init__(*args: Any, **kwargs: Any) None

Create a new paginator.

  • args – Paginator positional arguments for base class.

  • kwargs – Paginator keyword arguments for base class.

get_next(response: Response) ParseResult | None

Get the next pagination token or index from the API response.


response – API response object.


A parsed HATEOAS link if the response has one, otherwise None.

abstract get_next_url(response: Response) str | None

Override this method to extract a HATEOAS link from the response.


response – API response object.