Release Process

PyPI releases

Releases are published to PyPI by a GitHub Actions workflow, triggered when a GitHub Release is published.

Feature releases

Feature releases are the primary way that new features are added to the Singer SDK. They are released on a roughly monthly cadence.

Patch releases

Patch releases are released as needed to fix bugs or security issues. They are released on an as-needed basis.

Release cadence

Starting with the Singer SDK 1.0, version numbers will use a loose form of semantic versioning.

SemVer makes it easier to see at a glance how compatible releases are with each other. It also helps to anticipate when compatibility shims will be removed.

Deprecation policy

A feature release may deprecate a feature, but it will not remove it until the next major release. A deprecation will be clearly documented in the changelog and in the code.

All deprecated features will emit a SingerDeprecationWarning when used, so users can raise them as exceptions when running their tests to ensure that they are not using any deprecated features:

$ pytest -W error::singer_sdk.utils.deprecation.SingerSDKDeprecationWarning