Deprecation Timeline

This page outlines when various features of the Singer SDK will be removed or changed in a backward incompatible way, following their deprecation, as indicated in the deprecation policy.


  • The RESTStream.get_next_page_token method will no longer be called as part of the stream pagination process. It is replaced by the RESTStream.get_new_paginator.

    See the migration guide for more information.

  • The singer_sdk.testing.get_standard_tap_tests and singer_sdk.testing.get_standard_target_tests functions will be removed. Replace them with singer_sdk.testing.get_tap_test_class and singer_sdk.testing.get_target_test_class functions respective to generate a richer test suite.

  • The PyJWT and cryptography libraries will be no longer be installed by default. If you are using the OAuthJWTAuthenticator you will need to install singer-sdk[jwt].